Training Available

Through this early childhood set of materials, IDRA gives you a process for redesigning and re-energizing your early childhood education program that is more responsive to the characteristics of diverse learners in your school or district. IDRA provides customized technical assistance and training that can include: classroom demonstrations and observations, coaching for success, nurturing of innovations, and building on existing strengths.

Examples of Semillitas de Aprendizaje training include:

  • Presenting an overview of teacher guide for administrators and teachers
  • Integrating the teacher guide unit activities into your district or daycare center curriculum
  • Capitalizing on the art of storytelling as a way to channel language learning
  • Using interactive activities to engage children and develop their communication skills
  • Strengthening connections between school and home
  • Creating a Center of Excellence where all young children thrive and are ready for school with reading, cognitive and emotional success for all preschool children

Contact IDRA for details about developing a training package for your school, center or district.

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