coatMi Abrigo de Verano ~ My Summer Coat is an appealing story, rich in information that helps the reader learn about the seasons of the year, what clothing is appropriate for each season and much more.

The lesson takes place at the zoo, through a conversation between a mother and her daughter. During their visit to see the animals, Esperanza notices that the bears, and many other animals, have heavy coats of fur. In her childlike logic, the little girl asks her mother to buy a coat for her as well. Her mother lovingly explains that it is summertime and, therefore, not an appropriate time of the year for people to wear such a heavy fur coat. When the child insists that she nevertheless wants a new coat, mother and daughter strike up a mutual agreement that she will wait until autumn to wear the new coat that her mother promises to buy for her. The story offers an opportunity to discuss many lessons: learning about the seasons of the year, introducing various geographic regions and climates, identifying types of clothing, and learning the names of zoo animals. In addition, the story creates a pathway to begin to understand interpersonal relations, the importance of patience and how to get along with others. Above all, the story teaches how to respect parents and how to seek solutions when there are differences of opinion, negotiating with one another until a satisfactory solution can be reached for everyone involved.

[ISBN: 978-1-935737-17-9; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]