numeros_small_eng_1000_2013bLos Números del 1 al 10 y Otras Coplas is a collection of verses and couplets that will delight children and help them learn basic concepts for success in school.

This precious collection will help children easily learn counting skills to 10, parts of the body, and how to observe details and make comparisons. In the first section, little Camelia helps to learn about numbers and counting. In her house there was a great hullabaloo. There were large and small animals running in and out of the patio and throughout all the rooms of her house, engaged in very strange and humorous activities. Children will have fun identifying all of the animals involved in a variety of funny and ridiculous situations. In the second couplet, children can practice counting to 20, using their fingers and toes. In the third couplet, children learn about parts of the body. This collection of stories and verse helps children expand their attention to details. They can also be used to practice memorization and recitation skills. With their cheerful illustrations, the stories and verses are simple to learn and captivating.

[ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-935737-06-3; Paperback, 40 Pages; 2013]