jesusita_small_en_1000_2013Jesusita y las Arañas ~ Jesusita and the Spiders is a story about a little girl who is terrified of spiders.

One day, she sees a spider web in the kitchen of her house and is frightened. Her older sister, Carmen, comes to the rescue and gently explains to Jesusita how to overcome her fear and distinguish between spiders that are harmful and those that aren’t. The sisters demonstrate the importance of seeking out information about the things we fear. Jesusita learns yet another important lesson. She discovers that her big sister will support her thirst for knowledge as they look for books that can teach them so much. Together, the sisters begin a journey of exploration into the beauty of the natural world around us.

[ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-935737-08-7; Paperback, 32 Pages; 2013]