minerEl minero Jorge ~ Jorge, the Miner is a mysterious adventure story that exposes the reader to the fascinating world of mines, minerals and precious stones.

The story is based on a legend about a miner named Jorge, who one day, while excavating deep under the earth, is astonished to discover a brilliant and very valuable gold nugget. Jorge is so excited about his good fortune that he runs out of the mine with his treasure in his pocket. Unfortunately, his luck soon runs out and his joy turns to disappointment when he trips and falls, losing his precious gold nugget. According to the legend, Jorge is still searching for his precious gold nugget up to this day. Through this story, the reader learns about mines and begins to explore the vast and diverse world of minerals and precious stones that can be found in them. Jorge not only invites us to join him in his search for the lost nugget, but also awakens our curiosity about the natural world and the interesting life of miners and their work. It is a very informative story that serves to introduce the concepts of science and exploration. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to begin a conversation about values and the consequences of one’s actions.

[ISBN: 978-1-935737-15-5; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]