Curious Tomás

El Curioso Tomás ~ Curious Tomás is a story that invites the reader to explore and appreciate our cultural roots and rural lifestyle of many Hispanic families.

It is an excellent tale to learn observation and differentiation skills. The story is about Tomás’ family who travel together to visit their paternal grandmother in the country. During their vacation, Tomás learns about the beauty and simplicity of rural life. In her humble home, the grandmother gently introduces her grandson to another lifestyle, very different from that of the city. The boy is astonished as he compares the two ways of living. He learns to appreciate his family roots. Their time together gives him an opportunity to compare agrarian and urban lifestyles, such as housing, kitchen and food preparation. The story helps the reader make comparisons and see similarities and differences. More importantly, it demonstrates the beauty of family unity and how to respect differences in cultural heritage. In addition, Tomás’ journey to the country opens a pathway for children to learn more about their own families as they explore and appreciate their grandparents. Finally, the story teaches us how to honor our elders and learn from them as we create stronger family and intergenerational bonds.

[ISBN: 978-1-935737-00-18; Paperback, 32 Pages; 2013]