margarita-small_eng_1000_2013bEl Collar de Margarita ~ Margarita’s Necklace is a story that awakens the reader’s curiosity and appreciation for arts and crafts through the adventures of Margarita, a young girl who comes from a family of artisans.

In her home, the family members work the “chaquira,” the fine art of intricate beadwork used to create lovely necklaces, bracelets and rings. Although Margarita is living a happy life in the United States, she yearns to become an artisan like her family in Mexico. Her dream comes true when her father lovingly invites her to learn the family trade along with her brothers and teaches her the art of chaquira beadwork. Margarita learns quickly and begins to craft a marvelous necklace. When she accompanies her family to the market in the city to sell their artwork, the public is delighted with their pieces, and Margarita feels the pride and satisfaction of a job well done. The story shows the reader the beauty of family unity and the continuity of a special cultural heritage and art form. Margarita teaches us how to appreciate art in all its manifestations as well as to cherish the diversity of our family roots and heritage.

[ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-935737-04-9; Paperback, 32 Pages; 2013]