circusConfusión en el Circo ~ Confusion in the Circus is a humorous story that can help children learn to notice differences and similarities between the real and the imaginary world.

Young Juanito is astonished when he believes he is visiting the circus for a second time. Soon he discovers that things are not as they should be. Although his previous visit to the circus was very positive, this time Juanito can scarcely believe his eyes when he encounters scenes that are not normal. Everything looks very strange. The elephants are trapped in the lions’ cage, and the lions are all caught up in the high wire safety nets. In his desperation, Juanito calls for help and quickly runs away from this strange circus. As soon as he trips on a chair next to his bed, he realizes immediately that he is safe and sound in his own bedroom. He has a deep sense of relief to know that this circus trip had all been a dream. Through his experiences, Juanito teaches the reader to look for the logic in things and to realize that everything has its own proper place. The story also opens a pathway to explore the difference between dreams and reality as we learn to observe and compare similarities and differences between objects and situations.

[ISBN: 978-1-935737-11-7; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]